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My name is Sharae Moore, and thank you for taking the time to peruse reading my biography. I'm committed to championing diversity and inclusion in the transportation industry and look forward to continued growth and impact. Thank you for your support.

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My Story

Sharae Moore, a true luminary in the transportation sector, stands at the helm of innovation as the Founder and President of the S.H.E. Trucking Organization, a driving force for empowerment and support for professional women and minorities in the trucking arena. Her influence radiates further as a distinguished Board Member on the Women Of Trucking Advisory for the Department of Transportation and FMCSA.


Since embarking on her journey in 2014, Ms. Moore has unfurled an impressive legacy. Her visionary leadership has cultivated a thriving community of over 30,000 professional women and minorities within the transportation industry. This monumental impact has earned her recognition as a "Champion for Change" by CNN Anchor Erin Burnett in 2021 and an esteemed "Legend Driver" accolade from National Truckin' magazine. Her remarkable contributions extend to the realm of diversity and inclusion, where she's been honored with the Trucking Industry Trailblazer Award and lauded as a True TMS Brand Ambassador.


Beyond her dynamic presence in the trucking world, Ms. Moore's story has captured the imagination of audiences nationwide. National Geographic showcased her journey in the captivating episode "Truck Star" of Breaking Bobby Bones. She's also a published author, sharing her insights and wisdom in the transformative book "Building a Legacy: How I Create a Life-Changing Legacy in the Trucking Industry." This literary achievement underscores her commitment to inspiring others.


Sharae Moore's advocacy reaches far and wide, earning recognition from prominent media outlets like Blavity, Disney Plus, and Uber Freight. Her relentless pursuit of diversity in the transportation sector received a prestigious nod from the highest echelons of leadership. She was invited to the White House by President Joe Biden in honor of her CDL National Apprenticeship Program. Additionally, her visionary ideas have resonated with the tech giants, as she graced the Facebook headquarters during the Facebook Community Summit to share her transformative vision for the industry.


Through unwavering leadership and an unwavering dedication to empowering underrepresented groups in trucking, Sharae Moore has emerged as an influential figure, a true trailblazer igniting change in the transportation industry. Her story is one of inspiration, determination, and a testament to the boundless heights one can reach with passion and purpose.

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