Being a truck driver is no piece of cake! However, it is a reliable career choice and an incredibly rewarding line of work.

If you speak to a veteran truck driver, they will have stories about the hard work, tears, and sweat that they have poured into reaching success as a trucker. They will also tell you about the struggles of working as a CDL driver because this industry did not always come with high wages and job security. As a truck driver, you get to enjoy the open roads, travel a lot to see new sights, experience unparalleled freedom, and gather your share of stories to tell.


Women in the Trucking Industry

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Trucking is a heavily male-dominated industry where women struggle to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with. In most parts of the United States, women represent around 50% of the labor force. However, they account for less than 8% of drivers in the trucking industry. This figure grossly misrepresents women’s capability to drive a truck with the same finesse as men. At SHE Trucking, we stand to break stereotypes and celebrate women who are interested in pursuing careers as a truck driver.

As an organization led by a bold and opinionated woman, SHE Trucking seeks to overcome gendered bias in this industry and help both men and women land high paying jobs as truckers.

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