My name is Sharae Moore I am from Chattanooga, TN and I am a professional truck driver. When I was twenty- eight years old I wanted to change my career from being a Certified Nursing Assistant of eight years to a new career. While thinking about making a career move, the trucking industry caught my eye. I must admit I did not have any knowledge of the trucking industry, but I was determined to learn and travel the United States.

With God, family, and friends I knew I could pursue a new career. In pursuit of this career change I had a lot of ups and downs. Believe me when I say it was hard learning how to master the backing maneuvers! I cried, I studied, and I worked hard and almost gave up, but I believed I could so I did!

In 2014 I received my COMMERCIAL DRIVING LICENSE and 5 years, later I'm still driving. I have come to the realization that I should share the knowledge that I have gained over the years. The sense of peace trucking has given me has changed my life and can definitely change yours. I was able to clear my mind, think, and find my purpose!

In these last 5 years, I have met a lot of amazing, beautiful, strong, knowledgeable, inspiring, hardworking, and empowered women in all divisions of the trucking industry. While traveling the United States, I have noticed that women in trucking have limited fashion choices. The trucking industry is changing for women and I want to be a part of that brand.  S.H.E.TRUCKING APPAREL™ is that brand.

While traveling across the United States, I started creating my own trucking t-shirts. I could not find any t-shirts to purchase at the stores that said, "Yes, I am a WOMAN and Yes, I am a TRUCK DRIVER!” So I created a lifestyle brand just for us! I hope you wear it with dignity and pride.

Thank you!                                                                                       

Sharae Moore, CEO/FOUNDER

Woman Truck Driver