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MyGuardianDoc™ is an exclusive subscription-based program that offers virtual medical guidance, on demand urgent care and healthcare services. This unique service provides access to a dedicated medical doctor who is always available to assist you and all members of your household anytime and anywhere. No medical question or concern is too big or small for MyGuardianDoc™. Additionally, subscribers gain access to MyGuardiandoc’s Patient Safety and Care Equity Council, which offers training, information, and counseling to MyGuardianDoc™ medical doctors in order to help achieve desired outcomes.

MyGuardianDoc™ offers a remarkable Virtual Medical Guidance feature that sets it apart from others. While this feature is usually costly and NOT covered by health insurance payors, MyGuardianDoc™ strives to make it accessible to all individuals. Through our innovative a la carte payment system, you only pay for the services you use, eliminating the need to pay upfront for unused services, as other platforms require.

The unique Virtual Medical Guidance offered by MyGuardianDoc™ not only benefits patients but also gains the support of their regular doctors. By utilizing our platform, doctors can enhance their confidence in diagnosing and implementing treatment protocols. This collaborative approach ensures a seamless integration of our services with the existing healthcare ecosystem, empowering both doctors and patients to achieve improved health outcomes.
At only $27 per household adding MyGuardianDoc™ is a no brainer call. Subscribe NOW!

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